Flash Mobs for Inspiring Gala Events and Benefits

Inspire attendees of your gala with a customized flash mob.

Hiring a flash mob is a great addition to a gala event that will wow staff, VIPs, benefactors, and honorees alike. With professional choreographers, dancers and musicians at the ready, we can help you craft a memorable experience.

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Chai Lifeline Fundraiser Flash Mob with 100 Dancers at Marriott

We organize flash mobs of all kinds for corporate events, conferences, grand openings, retirement parties, ad campaigns, or anything else you have in mind.

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“It was fantastic! Kayley did a remarkable job organizing, choreographing and executing the mob. Much gratitude for your support and overall professionalism getting this going for us! It was so much fun to have all our staff present, engaged and then to see the audience marvel at the surprise  for the awareness of adoptions from our shelter!”  – Erin Fontes, Volunteer & Special Programs Coordinator, Humane Society for Greater Savannah.

Our critically acclaimed artists and producers have driven the creation of high-profile flash mobs, dance events, dance commercials and branded campaigns for leading agencies, corporations, non-profits and brands, such as NBA, Pepsi, IBM, Hyatt, SEARS, Campbell’s, MTV, Philips, TED, Intel, Apple, Unilever, Clarins, Brookfield Homes & RP, USPS, Tourism Board of Columbia, Sundance, Fortune, Monster, Google, UTZ, Corona, Humane Society, American Staffing Association, Salesforce, Symantec, Planet Fitness, Disney ABC Television Group and many more!

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